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Game News
Super Group Base Upgrades.

Super Group base upgrades are on the way thanks to all the prestige our members are earning. If you want to see what  your prestige is buying, drop by the SG base and look at the New Super Meeting Room.

Then be careful while we build out the New Teleporter Room It will have 16 Teleports on 8 Pads when fiinished but then we will upgrade again to 24 Ports on 12 Pads  after that. 

News Item  Two
Contest results are in.

Junkyard Hero  Starting at lvl 29  16236  and at final lvl 37
142590  difference of 126354 / 8 levels is 15794 prestige per lvl . 

Psy Slinger "The only close contender joined the SG after the start of the contest, so I am giving up on the starting numbers.  I am giving Gifts to both of them.

1st Place  10,000,000 Inf Junkyard Hero
2nd Place  5,000,000 Inf  Psy Slinger

See Kayla Liberty online for your just desserts.


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Guild News

Enhancement Storage Added

KaylaSeven, Oct 30, 11 7:04 PM.
Hello Freedom Folks

I just added Enhancement storage so if you get a great drop and can't use it
give it freely to another SG member. Just drop it in the Enhancement Storage.

4 Monsters and Synapsys TF in one night.

KaylaSeven, Oct 22, 11 9:12 AM.
Friday Oct 21sth our Members got together
Archminister , Atomic Turtle , Kayla Liberty. Psy-Slinger , Tingle 2 , Windrider Zero ' Zero Overdrive
and others ;  Delusinth ; Urash

We killed  4  Giant Monsters and got some Badges.
Adamaster 1
Elochai    2
Jack of Irons 1

Then we ran  the Synaptic TF 

If I missed anyone I am sorry let me know and an officer will update

Thanks to all for a great time.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Commander1, Oct 13, 11 10:41 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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